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Machine Learning

Machine learning has been essential to the success of many recent technologies, including autonomous vehicles, search engines, genomics, automated medical diagnosis, image recognition, and social network analysis, among many others.

This course introduces the fundamental concepts and algorithms that enable computers to learn from experience. In the course we will discuss various issues related to the application of machine learning algorithms. We will discuss hypothesis space, overfitting, bias and variance, trade-offs between representational power and learnability, evaluation strategies and cross-validation.

The course will be accompanied by hands-on problem solving with programming in Python and some tutorial sessions. ML is one of the most sought after courses by data companies in the world, owing to the immense pace at which the world is shifting towards AI and automation. Hence, by leveraging UO TECH  Machine Learning course, you will be exposed to numerous high-paying job opportunities and that too, at the starting few phases of your career